The Best Damm Joomla! Tutorial Ever!
Step 1: Hands-On Quick-Start Guide to Learning Joomla 1.5x


ISBN: 978-098021321-8

Price $19.95 list USD

Author: Brian Kelly

Available from IT Jungle , MC Press, et al.

In the creation of this book, author Brian W. Kelly and editor Melissa L. Sabol both realized that as they were tutoring you, the reader, on the brilliance that is Joomla!, they were disciples as well. Joomla! is indeed a living entity, with new versions and new releases and new Extensions. Among the many things that are great in this book is the fact that it prepares you for future evolutions as well.

Though it originally came about from a fork in Mambo, Joomla! today is well ahead of Mambo and all other open source CMS packages for rapid website building. Joomla! has elicited excitement in all Web development from the corner store to the professional site builder. And to help everybody from tech neophyte to expert, this is the first Joomla! tutorial you need to get you going. And, don’t worry about getting there. It is truly The Best Damm Joomla! Tutorial Ever! If you’re looking for something to get you started with Joomla! and Web technology, it is in this book!

In this book, you will not only learn Joomla!, you will learn how Joomla! can be used as the launching pad for all of your Web activity. You will learn about Joomla! Sections, Categories, and Content Items (Articles). You’ll learn about Menus and Menu Items and also the Joomla! Modules that permit you to manage their placement on a page. To top it off, we show you how to create polls and how to display the polling data. There’s a lot to learn in this tutorial but at 150 pages, it won’t steal your whole day getting you started in a big way.

This book is chocked full of examples. Many screen shots are included so you can read this book on an airplane and then come back and do all of the exercises. Anybody who wants to learn Joomla! should take this tutorial home with them and enjoy it as they learn to build a simple Web site. From there, the sky is the limit.


The Best Damm Joomla! Intranet Tutorial Ever!
Step 2: Hands-On Guide to Building a Corporate Intranet Using Joomla 1.5x


Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-098021324-9
Author: Brian Kelly

Available from IT Jungle , MC Press, et al.

This book builds on the introductory notions and the detailed explanations of core Joomla! concepts presented and worked upon in The Best Damm Joomla Tutorial Ever! This tutorial leads you on a path from starter Joomla! all the way to building your own intranet prototype.

As many of you know by now, Joomla! is a free, open-source content management system for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets. You can use it to build Internet or intranet sites without having to write or generate code ahead of time. Using this tutorial, you will be impressed with how easy it was/is to build a Joomla! site with the Sample Data that comes free of charge with your Joomla 1.5.x installation material. Out of the box, Joomla! provides a look and feel and a set of deep functions that are compelling. The Sample Data creates the perfect prototype; but, only if you are the Joomla! Organization.

This tutorial teaches you how to take the Joomla Sample Site and change it to be a prototype for your company’s intranet. No, you don’t have to be an expert to build a prototype. This book gets you there. The Joomla! Sample Data is so powerful as a starting point that in no time, one menu option at a time, the Joomla! Site evolves into your intranet prototype. Using this book, you can be on your way to building real websites overnight, especially those sites that fit the mold of a corporate intranet. Joomla! is your ticket for getting this done and this tutorial is the step by step guide to assure that it gets done right.

The book shows how to get moving with the world’s best website builder and then it shows you how to change the Sample Data to something that fits your own reality. Again, this tutorial is written in a way that assumes no prior PHP or MySQL knowledge and it is designed to get you moving quickly towards a successful learning outcome. You’ll have your own intranet in no time.

The Best Damm Joomla! Template Tutorial Ever!
Hands-On Guide to Understanding and Working with Templates in Joomla 1.5.x


Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-098021323-2
Author: Brian Kelly
Available from IT Jungle , MC Press, et al.

Besides the fact that a chameleon uses its tail almost like a fifth leg, some of us know that chameleons change their color in response to light exposure and ambient temperature, as well as to express their good mood. You too will be in a good mood as you use the chameleon-like facilities of the Joomla! Template to change the color of your Website without having to rip it down.

You’ll be even happier to know that when Joomla! plays chameleon, it can change the entire look and feel of your site, not just the color, in seconds, and that should put you in an even better mood.

This tutorial is what you need to get started to effectively use Joomla Templates on your website(s). It starts with the default Templates that come with the base package and from there it walks you through a process in which you will change the site Template several times to examine the impact on the various content items.

You will also download popular & free Templates from the Internet and install them on your Joomla! site and then make them the default for the whole site or just portions. You will note how quickly you can change your mind and how easily you can put the chameleon to work for you.

There are lots of Joomla! Tutorials out there. But, there are none that focus entirely on the notion of the Joomla! Template as an object of study. One example after another shows you how to use Joomla! Templates to enhance your total Web experience and the look and feel of your sites. You won’t want to put down this comprehensive quick-start guide to learning about Joomla! Templates now that you’ve got your hands on it.




The Best Damm Joomla! Installation Guide Ever!
The All-Platform Guide for Installing Joomla 1.5.x

Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-098021325-6
Author: Brian Kelly

Available from IT Jungle , MC Press, et al.


This is the best damm Joomla! installation guide you can get, to get you through the dos and don'ts of installing Joomla! on all platforms. That’s right, this tutorial works for all platforms, even the powerful IBM i operating system and to a lesser extent, even mainframes. For these and for Windows, Unix, Mac, or anything else that supports the XAMPP stack, this guide is built to get you there.

To help assure that there are few to no issues in installing Joomla! on your platform, this book includes a multichapter tutorial on installing XAMPP (Apache, MySQL, and PHP) on your desktop PC. The same instructions for your desktop PC will work on just about every server that supports XAMPP. We show you how to download XAMPP and install it and operate it to give your desktop or server platform the full PHP, MySQL, and Apache stack needed to run Joomla!

Just about everything on the IBM i operating system is different from all other systems. Though it is extremely powerful and easy to use for heavy business applications such as ERP and SCM, the IBM i OS needs special setup in order to support Joomla! When you finish this tutorial, you will have a functional Joomla! Installation on your desktop and on whatever server platform you choose. It may not be simple per se but it is that simple.

This book is affordable and complete. A look at the Table of Contents quickly tells you that if you’re looking for what you need to know to install Joomla! on your server or your desktop, it is in there!

The Best Damm Blueprint for Building Your Own Corporate Intranet?
Why Build A Corporate Intranet? The Rationale & the Advantages.

Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-098021322-5

Author: Brian Kelly
Available from IT Jungle , MC Press, et al.


The intranet is not just a warmed over technology phenomenon from the 1990’s. With new technologies such as CMS and Joomla!, its success in your organization is far more probable, and its impact is far more compelling. For businesses of all kinds this signals the beginning of a new internal-use-only Information Age and its capabilities are boundless. It’s time to board the train.

If you do not have an effective corporate / business intranet, it is highly probably that your company’s management team is not fully aware of how important it is for in-house personnel to operate in the most productive fashion. At a minimum, they may not see how a corporate intranet can empower all employees and make the entire organization more efficient as well as more effective. That’s why Brian Kelly wrote this book. Now, you have something to show your management team that tells them exactly why they need an intranet.

Using this book as your guide, you will have the facts and the material necessary to convince your management team that it is time for your corporate intranet. Whereas not having a functional corporate intranet points out a management deficiency and forces employees to work harder rather than smarter, having a business intranet in place keeps the entire organization in synch, moving synergistically towards the completion of the company’s goals.

Any Manager or IT person, who does not know how an intranet can help any organization, or who does not feel comfortable with the basic tenets of “behind the firewall” computing needs this book. Quite simply, anybody who wants to graduate from simple same-ole, same-ole to compelling new internal Web technologies, will love this book. If you would like to know the ingredients of a successful intranet, read on. Take this tutorial home with you and enjoy it as you plan your first prototype intranet site. From there, employee empowerment is just around the corner.

PHP & MySQL Installation & Operations Guide for IBM i
Installation and Startup Guide for IBM i

Price: $49.95
ISBN: 978-098021326-3
Author: Brian Kelly

Available from IT Jungle , MC Press, et al.


This book is clearly the first PHP & MySQL Installation & Operations Guide written for IBM i, and it is the last book you need to get you started to get all of the prerequisites as well as the free Zend Core distribution installed on your IBM i operating system.

This Getting Started Guide is here to get you moving on a journey that will end with your having an environment on your IBM i machine that provides all you need to begin to install free open source packages. Not only that but you will have the complete PHP/MySQL programming environment enabled on your IBM i OS so that you can write new code in the world’s most popular Web language. Of course, you can also modify open source packages to suit your needs.

This guide is packed with the learning material you need to take your company to the Web with PHP. A look at the Table of Contents quickly tells the reader that if you're looking for it; it’s in there!

The PHP runtime scenario on IBM i is unique and this book explains what that means. You will be introduced for example, to the unique PASE environment and to assure a successful installation, this book takes you by the hand through the all-new IBM Windows installer. There is no more guesswork or frustration in the methodology as explained. Every step from A to Z is provided to assure that you are up and running with both PHP and MySQL and you have all the prerequisites and the PTFS.

You will download, install, and verify your installation all without the familiar Go LICPGM interface. That’s why this book is so important. This book is written to be the only installation guide you need for PHP and MySQL, and to link them up with your IBM i Apache HTTP server. Soon you will be on a journey from your IBM i to the Web as effectively as possible. Have a great run!!!.

PHP & MySQL Programming Guide for IBM i
Includes Direct Database Access Examples for DB2 and RPG

Price: $69.95
ISBN: 978-098021327-0
Author: Brian Kelly

Available from IT Jungle , MC Press, et al.



This book is clearly the first PHP & MySQL Programming book written for IBM i, and it is the last book you need to get you started to learn about programming dynamic Web applications with PHP, MySQL, DB2, RPGIV, and CL. This Getting Started Guide is here to get you started on a journey that will end with you gaining the competence to write in the world’s most popular Web language. This guide is packed with the learning material you need to take your company to the Web with PHP. A look at the Table of Contents quickly tells the reader that if you’re looking for it; it’s in there!

There are lots of separate PHP books but this is the first for IBM i that brings it all together in just 230 pages.Not only are these programming topics covered with powerful examples but the prerequisites are also presented so that you don’t have to go out and buy an HTML book, a CSS book, or a book on the value of the XHTML standard for long-lasting Web applications. On top of all that, there are chapters on porting MySQL to DB2 and direct DB2 access from PHP as well as how to call RPG and CL programs from PHP.

So, in this book you will not only learn PHP. You will learn MySQL and how to use MySQL in your PHP scripts from creating databases to putting data into your databases via SQL inserts and HTML forms. And, of course you will learn how to select data from the databases you create. If that isn’t enough we show you how to do it without MySQL in the picture -- on the IBM i OS using DB2 for IBM i functions directly against your data.

No, that's not all; this book also shows you in detail how to write CL and RPGIV programs to interact with your PHP scripts using IBM i specific PHP connection functions. It’s all there, from connecting and assuring communication to the IBM i OS on to showing a result set of data in a handsome PHP created table with attractive CSS enhancements. You won’t want to put this IBM i PHP Programming book down. Enjoy!