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For the last five years beginning with his book titled: Taxation Without Representation, Brian Kelly has been writing powerful patriotic books and articles to help educate the public on the issues of our times.

The purpose of this site is to host Mr. Kelly's work and make it accessible for all to read. Links will be provided for many of Brian's books so that if you are inclined you can purchase them online from various sites. Additionally, previously published articles will be provided both in link form and in text form for reading from this site.

Mr. Kelly is a regular columnist for www.conservativeactionalerts.com

Other than in the past on a professional basis, when he wrote highly technical articles about IBM's AS/400 computer system, Brian Kelly receives no compensation for his work. If you would like to help Mr. Kelly in his efforts to continue to write free patriotic articles and to write additional patriotic books for the good of America, feel free to visit www.bookhawkers.com to purchase Mr. Kelly's patriotic books. His books include, Saving America, the How-To Book, as well as America 4 Dummmies. Thank you for your support.

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This site contains all of the patriotic articles that have been written by Brian for all news and opinion media outlets.  These articles have a national and world scope,

Additionally, Mr. Kelly has submitted many pieces to the Times Leader, a local NEPA news source. The Times Leader cannot print all of the articles submitted to their readers' column by Mr. Kelly ofr others would not have the opportunity. And, so, check out the main menu right on this site and pick either the published or unpublished articles and you may find yourself enjoying them. The Times Leader offerings are substantially smaller in size than those submitted as essays to national outlets.