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As I am sure you know by now, Brian has a passion that America continue to be the strong country that our parents gave us so we can give the same type of country to our children. Nobldy should be denied the opportunity for the American Dream. That is why Mr. Kelly works so hard on our behalf to inform the people that nothing is permanent.



Let us not take our Constitutional Republic for granted!

Prior to 2008, Lets Go Publish! specialized in tech books only but this new book by our # 1 tech book author, Brian W. Kelly is a must read for anybody, and that certainly includes hard working tech guys trying to figure out how to save their jobs and keep their hard earned money. Also, while you are at it, please include the rest of America that in this recession is simply trying to get by one day at a time.

Take the link on the picture or below to buy this book! One deep look into  Taxation Without Representation, and you can see that taxation, self-serving politicians, offshoring, etc. are very germane to all citizens,  especially in the U.S. and especially in this, the age of Obama.

Brian Kelly is running for the Senate in 2012 for the exact reasons he wrote this book and the others that you can link to from this site. Kelly is very upset at what is happening to America.

Jobs Make Us All Feel More Important!

Hopefully Brian Kelly will become our next Senator and we will not have to fear anymore.  I know that he knows how to bring Jobs back to PA and the Country at large.  He is one of us. Why not give him the chance to help the people -- US!

On April 19, 2010 Brian sent a manuscript of a new book to his publisher. The title is

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! . The subtitle is  Where Did They Go?  How Can We Get Them Back

On May 4, 2010, the soft cover paperback of the book became available for sale at  If you would like to read this compendium of essays about the Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! problem in the US and NEPA, and you would prefer not having to buy the book, you can almost do that right on this site.  Kelly has packaged a deal for you that you won't believe. You can read the book for free. However, the essays have been updated since the book, so you will have to endure more current information than what was printed. My wife said to say, though true, that was a joke. 

Americans, hoping to earn a decent living somehow do not qualify!

Irish Need not Apply! Syrians need not apply! Italians need not apply! Spanish need not apply! Polish need not apply! How many of our parents went through tough times in the USA finding bigotry instead of work when they sought employment? You've heard the stories at the dinner table. Eventually our parents all got jobs and America toned down its ethnic prejudices. Today, however, all American citizens are feeling a new kind of prejudice in the workplace. It's an economic prejudice carried out by greedy businesses. It cries out Americans Need Not Apply! You're wasting your time.

Please note, just like it was not the Irish, the Syrians, the Italians, the Spanish or the Polish who were the problem in our country's infancy, the Mexicans, the Costa Ricans, or the Guatamalans are not the problem today. It is greedy businesses and a greedy policial class and in this book, we will show you how and why.

Brian W. Kelly is one of America's most outspoken and eloquent conservative protagonists. He is the author of
Taxation Without Representation, Obama's Seven Deadly Sins, Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!, and many other books. Like many Americans, Brian is fed up with a progressive liberal agenda in Washington that places the needs of illegal foreign workers in front of the needs of Americans. Endorsed by the Independence Hall Tea Party in 2010, Kelly ran for Congress against a 13-term Democrat and, in a three way race he spent just $4500 of his own money and, as a virtual unknown, he captured 17% of the vote. Kelly then supported Republican challenger Lou Barletta, aconservative leader on immigration policy, and helped him win a resounding victory in the general election.


Will America Choose to Forgive or Have Some Tea?

Not long ago, I found myself updating another of my books, Taxation Without Representation, originally penned in 2008 about then current domestic, political, and constitutional issues intertwining the public consciousness. Immersed once again in that vortex of all-too-familiar concerns about our government, I felt compelled to add a few paragraphs about the Obama Presidency in light of the transparent failures of the newly coronated Administration.

I wrote at length about more areas than I expected and before I realized it, the update extended beyond what I would consider a standard update. I knew then that by virtue of its length and current relevance, this work was not a chapter, it actually constituted a new stand-alone book. I am glad that you have selected this book to join me on this journey to preserve American freedom.

In the eyes of Americans across the country, from the blue of the mid-Atlantic to the red of the heartland, Barack Obama is failing. Each passing day erodes his declining and oh-so-determinative poll numbers. Said most simply, the man just doesn’t get it. He likely never will. Barack Obama does not harbor a thought process anything remotely congruent with the collective onsciousness of those he represents, his constituents: US. More and more people recognize his continual diatribes as those of an automaton, glued to technology for his next thought

Health Information Technology and Electronic Accountability Records can make it happen?

This book answers the questions you have been asking to which there have been no answers

Most Americans are aware of the major battle regarding health insurance and healthcare “reform” that was at its peak in the fall of 2009 and hit crescendo in March 2010. Congress got ready and then spent more than a trillion dollars on a government take-over of healthcare while robbing Medicare of $600 Billion.

The purpose of the take-over was,
purportedly, to improve the lives of just 17% of the people -- those that the government determined to have no access to healthcare (a determination with which many constituents tend to disagree).